Our Trips
Weekly Trips 

Trips to Dundee run every Wednesday and are advertised by the club via email. We aim to provide club transport for as many members as possible, and meet at the Sports Centre at 13.45. 

Trip signups are done via email on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you get in contact to sign up to our mailing list. This will let you book your space on the trip each week.

We skate during the Wednesday public session from 14.30 to 16.30 at Dundee Ice Arena, and you'll find information about admission prices in the Membership and Costs section.

Public Transport to Dundee Ice Arena

On weeks when the car fills up, or if we are unable to offer club transport, we organise to go to the rink by bus.

There will always be a rink member to escort the group, but we take the 99 bus to Dundee Rail Station, and then get a taxi to the rink at Camperdown.

A trip to Dundee Ice Arena.