Your Committee 2014-2015
Sarah Bigelow
I'm Sarah, a fourth year student in International Relations and Arabic. I was so excited to find this club in first year because I'd skated practically since I knew how to walk back home in Vermont and it's great to be able to continue to do so here in Scotland. I'm the president this year, and can't wait to meet lots of new people who want to skate!

Vikki Walsh
I'm Vikki, a fourth year studying English and Comparative Literature, and I joined skating in first year because I wanted to try something different and meet new people - and skating ticked both boxes! This is my second year as club secretary, so I'm the one behind all the emails. If you have any questions about the club, or our weekly trips, feel free to get in touch.

undraising Officer
Amber Rigg
I'm Amber, your fundraising officer, and I'm a fourth year chemistry student. I joined the club in first year as a bambi and I instantly loved the sport and the people in the club. I'm very keen ot meet people who want to give skating a go and remind them that everyone falls over so don't be scared. I'm an outgoing person and love socialising with the club at Sinners Sport and every week after we've been skating. I really am looking forward to skating next year and spending time with the club!

Club Representative 
Emily Tucker-Prescott
Hi, I'm Emily! I'm a fourth year international relations and psychology student. I only joined the club in January of third year but I love ice skating. I'm still learnig most of the tricks on the ice, so it's always nice to see other beginners. This year I will be club representative, and it would be great to see some new people in the club, so come along no matter what level you're at! 

Rebecca Montgomery
Hello! I'm Rebecca, I'm a third year studying Ancient History and Comparative Literature. As vice president, mostly I just help Sarah and give moral support. I've only been skating for two years now, so still a complete beginner in many ways. Don't worry to all you new Bambis, eventually you do stop falling over every few minutes! Look forward to seeing lots of new faces this year, and I'm happy to answer any questions or inquiries anyone has.

Rachel Alner

Events and Publicity Officer 
Elizabeth Atkins

I'm Elizabeth, a third year management student, and I've ben skating for 6 years now. I joined the ice skating club in first year and absolutely loved going to the rink with everybody. I'm excited to meet people interested in giving skating a go! 

Previous Committees

President - Luke Steel
Secretary - Vikki Walsh
Treasurer - Amber Rigg
Safety Officer - Rachel Newman
Publicity Officer - Xara Bennett-Jones
Events Officer - Blaire Toedte 
Fundraising Officer - Sarah Bigelow

President - Luke Steel
Secretary - Lauren Boone
Treasurer - Amber Rigg
Safety Officer - Sam Wallace
Publicity Officer - Xara Bennett-Jones
Events Officer - Vikki Walsh
Fundraising Officer - Sarah Bigelow

President - Lesley Crabb
Secretary - Lauren Boone
Treasurer - Luke Steel
Safety Officer - Amber Rigg
Publicity Officer - Sarah Bigelow
Events Officer - Vikki Walsh
Fundraising Officer - Serena Town

President - Elisa Walker 
Vice President - Xara Bennett-Jones
Secretary - Laura Taylor
Treasurer - Luke Steel
Safety Officer - Mizuki Morisaki
Social Rep - Lauren Boone
Fundraising Officer - Lesley Crabb

President - Laura Maclaughlin
Vice President - Mary Paslawski
Secretary - Laura Taylor
Treasurer - Sarah Conlon
Safety Officer - Rebecca Fodder
Social Secretary - Rebecca Millar
Training Officer - Rachael Tidy
Curling Officer - Mark Hamid

President - Chamonix Rattue
Vice President - Jenni Hunter
Secretary - Sarah McGowan
Treasurer - Sarah Conlon
Safety Officer - Laura Maclaughlin
Social Secretary - Victoria Rankine
Training Officer - Mary Paslawski
Curling Officer - Mark Hamid

President - Jenni Hunter
Vice President - Chamonix Rattue
Secretary - Bonnie Choi
Treasurer - Sarah Conlon
Events and Publicity - Laura Boyd and Mary Paslawski